Need a Plumber ?

So you wake up in the morning to find water spraying from your Triton T90 Or Mira Elite Electric Shower. What do you do? Ok, trying to turn it off didn't work. So now do you need a Plumber or Electrician?

The Truth is you may need neither. A plumber may not like to work on an Electric Shower because of the electrics involved and likewise, the electrician has a similar problem because there is water present.

Electric Showers fall in between two stools. In our opinion there are not many either plumbers or electricians who have enough knowledge to repair an Electric Shower.

Now back to the problem. In this instance the problem is most likely the solenoid valve is passing. The solenoid valve is like an electronic tap which lets the water flow through the unit when activated. Sometimes these fail in the open position resulting in a constant flow of water from the head.

So if you call a plumber or electrician ask the simple question, will he have the parts to repair the unit with him? There are far to many guys arriving out with nothing just to tell the customer "you need a new one"

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